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Inside Our Hove Branch

Getting to Hove

Pay-By-Phone parking is available in the surrounding residential streets (try the top or bottom of Adelaide Crescent). We are a 20 minute walk from Brighton railway station or 15 minute walk from Hove station. We are also well served by local buses.

54 Western Rd, Hove BN3 1JD | 01273 567475

Our Brands at Hove

What Our Hove Clients Say…

As retired optometrist, I was looking for someone to give me a thorough eye examination, so I could feel assured my eyes would be looked after as I get older. My wife, who was not an optometrist, wanted someone who could make her feel at ease during her eye test. I can give no higher praise than to say than to say that both our hopes were fully met by Sophie and her friendly team.

Having been to so many different opticians in the past, it was finally a huge relief to find Taylor-West. The whole experience from start to finish was seamless. The Taylor-West team are extremely professional, knowledgeable, reassuring, friendly and what I really liked, was that they took time to talk through with me the results of my very thorough eye test/scan etc. Every part of the examination was explained to me beforehand in detail.

I really felt like they cared about the service they were providing and cared about me, as a customer. The shop is beautifully laid out with some stunning frames. I absolutely recommend Taylor-West & want to take this opportunity to thank them for looking after me so well.


 I can’t recommend enough. This is such a different experience to a chain optician. Sophie is amazing and dealt with my really complicated prescription, which two other opticians haven’t been able to. The frames are really stylish and not ones i have seen anywhere else. I could not be happier with the service.


I’ve been a customer of Taylor-West for 4 years now, and Sophie and the team always provide a fantastic, professional service. As someone with a particularly ‘awkward’ keratoconus prescription, I’d all but given up hope of getting a decent level of vision back, but Sophie worked a miracle! Would recommend to anyone.


I have been going to Taylor-West for 5 years now and the service is excellent and very professional. They have a huge range of glasses in all styles, and I just found a new pair I love. Feel luck to have such a good local optician to see.


Your Boutique Independent Opticians in Hove

As our eyes are one of our most important organs, it is essential that they are looked after properly to keep them in their best possible condition for as long as possible. When you choose Taylor-West & Co as your preferred opticians in Hove, you can expect the highest quality of eye care with the latest hospital-standard equipment. Our priority is to keep your eye health the best it can be, for longer.

When it comes to choosing the right spectacles for you, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sense of style for perfect vision. It is a fact that the very best frames only come from brands that specialise in designing spectacle frames.

Our opticians covering Brighton and Hove only stock frames from the very best manufacturers from Japan, France, Italy, Germany and right here in the UK and, we can safely say that the superior quality of our range will speak for itself.

Try the Taylor-West & Co way of seeing

A Personal Experience with Taylor-West & Co Opticians in Hove

We’ve invested in the most up-to-date eye testing equipment in each of our branches. This state-of-the-art OCT and Optomap equipment enables us to provide fully comprehensive eye examinations which can detect a full range of eye conditions years before commercially available eye tests. We can even complete highly tailored contact lens fitting in order to get the lenses that are perfect for your specific eyes.

From private eye examinations and contact lens fitting to professional spectacle dispensing services, read on to discover how our services offer that extra something.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations in Hove

During your visit to our opticians in Hove, our opticians will give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have regarding your eye health. We take all of your concerns very seriously, so whether you’ve been suffering from headaches more frequently than usual or you’ve noticed one eye going more blurry than the other, your optometrist will be able to efficiently identify the cause of your concerns.

We’ve invested in £120,000 worth of extremely accurate hospital-grade equipment, including OCT and Optomap machines, in our opticians in Hove, Clapham, and East Dulwich in order to quickly discover conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, macular holes, retinal disease, and diabetic retinopathy years before they have a chance to severely affect your vision.
We also take your current prescription, health history, and hereditary issues into account in order to fully determine the cause of any problems.

Pricing for our private eye examinations are as follows:

  • Adult eye examination (with Optomap) £125
  • Child eye examination (with Optomap) £60

Discover the Taylor-West & Co eye examination

Discover Specialist Contact Lenses

Just because you’re having an eye examination, that doesn’t mean you have to leave with a pair of spectacles – we also specialise in contact lenses!

We have extensive experience in the fitting of both standard and complex contact lenses, and we love seeing our patients thrive with their new contact lenses. There is almost always a lens out there for any prescription so, whether you have a high or ‘tricky’ prescription or you’ve previously been told you aren’t a suitable candidate for contact lenses due to astigmatism, come chat with us.

In reality, there are very few people who are truly unsuitable for contact lenses, and that usually has something to do with the willingness to help. We will always do our very best to find the perfect lenses for you.

Typically, a contact lens fitting with Taylor-West & Co opticians in Hove will contain the following steps:

  • Initial consultation:
    Following an eye assessment which involves carefully measuring and scanning your corneas, we will discuss your visual needs, your lifestyle, and your hobbies in order to find the perfect contact lenses for your lifestyle. This session will also involve the trying of some lenses and, once we’ve found a good match for your eyes, we’ll get to order them for you.
    Some of our lenses come from as far as the US and as locally as right here in the UK, so they could take up to three weeks for as little as a few days to arrive.
  • Collection appointment:
    When your lenses arrive at our opticians in Hove, you’ll be able to try them once again as we need to check that they are as perfect for your eyes as we predicted. If they’re the perfect match, we’ll teach you how to insert, remove, and care for them; and you can take them home to try out for real.
    If they aren’t right, we’ll gladly re-order a new pair with the necessary adjustments taken into account.
  • Follow-up / Second collection appointment:
    Once you’ve had the chance to try your contact lenses out for real, you’ll need to come to our opticians in Hove so we can see how you’ve been getting on. If everything is going smoothly, you can keep them for another 1 to 2 months before another check-in. If any problems arise at this time, please do come in again and we can make any changes for you.
  • Second follow-up / Third collection appointment / Regular check-ups:
    The second follow-up and third collection will follow the same routine as before until we finally get the right contact lenses for your eyes. Once everything is completed and you’ve received the contact lenses that work for you, we’ll recommend coming back to our opticians in Hove for regular checkups and examinations to see how you’re getting on.

The entire fitting process may last just two visits, but it can take months to find the right lenses for your eyes. However, once we’ve found what works for you and once you’ve finished your concluding checkups, you should be able to wear your new lenses with ease.

Pricing for contact lens fitting is as follows:

  • Standard contact lens refit (existing wearer) £120
  • Standard contact lens fitting (new wearer) £200
  • Eye examination + contact lens aftercare (with Optomap) £165
  • Contact lens aftercare £60
  • Ortho-K fitting £300

Learn how contact lenses can work for you

Beautifully Hand-Crafted Spectacles in Hove

While this may sound obvious, our ethos is that the best spectacles come from companies that only make spectacles. Rather than a high-fashion brand lending its name to mass-produced frames, we stock beautiful handmade frames made by expert manufacturers based in Japan, France, Italy, Germany and the UK.

We believe that the superior quality of these frames speaks for themselves and, with the proper care and maintenance, they really can last a lifetime.

These spectacles look fabulous

The Taylor-West & Co Way of Seeing

The health of your eyes is not only extremely important to you, but to us here at Taylor-West & Co too. Whether you’ve noticed you’re suffering from headaches more frequently, your vision is more blurry than usual, or something else is going on with your eyes, book an eye test at our opticians in Hove.

During your eye examination, we’ll only be using the very latest hospital-grade equipment in order to complete a highly comprehensive eye test. This, along with your concerns, will help us to keep an eye out for a wide range of eye conditions, and help us to learn whether you’re at risk of developing any eye problems years before conventional eye tests.

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