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We believe that the best spectacle frames are made by companies who just make spectacle frames. Sounds obvious? Most ‘designer’ spectacle brands originate from popular fashion brands lending their name to a range of mass produced frames, usually made in China from cheap materials.

We stock largely handmade frames made by expert manufacturers, largely in Japan, France, Italy, and the UK. The quality of these frames speak for themselves and can last a lifetime. We also have a range of beautiful frames at a lower price point, so you can afford to have a pair for every outfit!

As an independent, private practice we can order spectacle lenses from any manufacturer, as we are not tied into any one company’s products. This allows us to select the best product for you, your eyes, your lifestyle and your chosen frame. There is no compromise. We won’t bombard you with all sorts of added extra options such as anti-reflection coatings.

An anti-reflection, hard coating comes as standard on all our lenses. We will recommend the best lens product for you and explain why we think you will benefit from it, and simply go from there. If you are not totally satisfied with your glasses, we will adjust them until you are. We rely hugely on referrals and word of mouth for new business, so if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy!

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