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We would love to meet you!

Managed by Battersea local Az Art, our Northcote Road branch hosts a team of opticians and optometrists passionate about providing a relaxed and personalised experience as they help you find the perfect eyewear for your vision.

Come in for a chat and to experience our unique approach to eye care, including:

  • Our range of bespoke, stylish glasses. We stock an ever-changing, hand-picked range of the world’s most beautiful frames, curated from artisans such as L.G.R, Mykita, Ørgreen, and many more.
  • The best eye test of your life! We believe that finding the right eyewear starts with a comprehensive understanding of your unique vision. This is why we use the only latest and best examination equipment and spend far more time with our clients than a standard high-street optometrist.
  • Contact lens consultations and fittings. Our team of experts specialise in finding the perfect prescription for you, including complex prescriptions, multifocal contact lenses and solutions for dry eyes.

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What Our Battersea Clients Say…

James TJames T
17:48 10 Jun 23
When browsing for some new glasses, I encountered a patronising staff member. They did not take my wishes into account and suggested unsuitable frames. They were visibly annoyed when I decided not to purchase anything. This was a stark contrast to other opticians on Northcote Road who allow you to browse in peace.
Ainslie SpencerAinslie Spencer
17:53 28 Mar 23
An exceptional team and just a truly wonderful experience. I came here for an eye test and to assess the different frames available. I turned up to my frames appointment and Az had multiple frames ready for various different use types which he thought would suit me after our first meeting the day before and every single one of them was spot on. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about providing the utmost level of care. I had a highly detailed and thorough eye test and eye health examination using the latest technology. They go above and beyond to assess your eyes and take the time to explain the results and purpose of each test. Five thousand times better than any optometrist experience I have had in the past. Well worth the investment. The added bonus is that all of the staff are really lovely and welcoming and passionate about finding the right solution for you. I will never go anywhere else and cannot recommend them highly enough.
Victoria DurmanVictoria Durman
10:16 20 Jan 23
I love Taylor West - such fantastic customer service and Az and the team have just sorted me out with stunning glasses, new sunnies and even made contact lenses comfortable for the first time in years! Thanks so much guys, I will be back!!
09:58 27 Nov 22
Got glasses and sunglasses a month ago from Taylor-West. Best vision with them in decades.The eye test and fitting of the frames were extremely thorough, and it shows. Most professional service I've ever had in 40 years of wearing glasses.
Anthony ArtaAnthony Arta
17:07 28 Oct 22
The best opticians in Battersea.Friendly, helpful and their advise is purely for client’s benefit rather than hard sell.They take their time to listen and then offer advise accordingly.Many thanks.
Giovanna D'UrsoGiovanna D'Urso
15:12 11 Oct 22
Completely blown away! For adults and kids alike!I decided to take better care of my eyes, as a mum, I've neglected myself for a long time. I popped in to book an appointment and immediately felt at ease, the team were very welcoming and knew what they were talking about. The eye test was so impressive, so thorough and knowledgeable, all explained to me in a way I could understand. The service felt completely bespoke and not rushed when it came to choosing frames too. I loved it so much that I have also taken my 7 year old and it was equally amazing .The patience they had with him was unparalleled and the choice of frames was incredible. The after care has been fantastic too. Really cannot recommend enough.
Susan Louisa DawsonSusan Louisa Dawson
08:21 10 Oct 22
I went with my family (with 2 young children) to buy sun glasses but shortly after the manager asked us to “go for a walk” as they didn’t want children in the premises. This never happened to me before, as this area is very child friendly. I wonder how they will do with so much eyewear competition around the area..
Frauke McNamaraFrauke McNamara
07:53 06 Oct 22
I am so happy with my new glasses and will go back for contact lenses. Finally I have found someone who knows what suits me (after I have been around various places) and everything got explained in detail. Highly recommend the Battersea branch. Thank you!
Louie BurghesLouie Burghes
13:18 23 Aug 22
Very pleased with the expert care, and professional and friendly service I received at Taylor-West in Battersea. Delighted with my new glasses. I shall go again.
Judy JacksonJudy Jackson
05:48 23 Aug 22
A new optician to the area, that turned out to be one of the best. Very helpful, lovely people, with up to date equipment. A great choice of frames too.
George DaviesGeorge Davies
14:31 22 Aug 22
Thoroughly recommend for the detail, depth and information gained from a full hour of consultation. Felt my eyes had had a full MOT rather than more ‘routine’ eye appointments I’ve had in the past. A step ahead. Thank you.
Nikki IzadiNikki Izadi
16:11 04 Aug 22
I am thrilled with my new glasses and my recent eye tests! I previously didn’t think glasses suited me, and did not enjoy wearing them in the past, however I have now purchased 3 pairs of glasses, and I am happy with all of them. I also have suffered from dry eyes for years, my recent eye tests at Taylor Swift included a dry eye test, and my eyes are more moist as a result of advice given. It’s really refreshing to come into a store, and have every concern addressed in a friendly, helpful and professional manner. Thank you to Az and the team!
Stephen PowellStephen Powell
15:58 17 Mar 22
I cannot recommend this optician on Northcote Road in Battersea highly enough. They are friendly, thorough, efficient and professional. I will without question go back for my annual eye test and for any optometrist or spectacle-related needs.

Our Brands at Battersea

Taylor-West & Co Private Opticians in Battersea

The eyes are one of the most important organs in our bodies, and it is essential that they receive the highest quality of care in order to prevent your sight and health from deteriorating for as long as possible. Choosing Taylor-West & Co as your preferred opticians in Battersea, London ensures that you receive the optimal level of eye care from the very latest hospital-grade equipment.

More often than not, our clients have been shown glasses that do not suit their faces because the frames are too thick or they don’t reflect their individual sense of style. Our experienced staff can help you select the perfect glasses from our beautiful range of spectacles.

We believe that the very best frames come from brands that specialise in the production of spectacle frames. Sourced from the very best manufacturers in Japan, France, Italy, Germany, and right here in the UK, the superior quality of our beautiful range of spectacles boasts both sophistication and style.

Discover the Taylor-West & Co way of seeing

Our Bespoke Optician Services in Battersea

When visiting an optician, you’ll be looking to receive the highest possible quality of care from your provider. You may even be looking to purchase some new spectacles for your updated prescription. Thankfully, choosing Taylor-West & Co opticians in Battersea ensures you receive exactly that.

We make sure that our services in our opticians in Battersea are highly tailored to you and your needs. We take your eye health concerns very seriously and always provide the highest levels of care for your eyes. Our services include contact lens fittings, private eye examinations, and professional spectacle dispensing, so read on to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our Comprehensive Eye Examinations on Northcote Road

Whether you’ve been experiencing headaches or you’ve noticed your eyes have gone a bit blurry, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any issues you’ve been facing during your comprehensive private consultation. We even take your current prescription and any hereditary eye conditions into account for the purpose of your visit.

We use £120,000 worth of the latest hospital-grade equipment, including the highly accurate OCT and Optomap machines, in order to easily discover any current or upcoming degenerative eye conditions, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, macular holes, retinal disease, and diabetic retinopathy years before commercially available eye tests can. Because we can see these diseases before they become a problem, we’ll be able to implement preventative measures before they severely affect your eye health and vision.

Pricing for our private eye examinations are as follows:

  • Adult eye examination (with Optomap) £145
  • Child eye examination (with Optomap) £75
The Taylor-West & Co eye examination

The Taylor-West & Co Specialist Contact Lenses

Leaving with a pair of glasses isn’t the only outcome of our eye test near Battersea – you can also get fitted for contact lenses if glasses aren’t for you.

Our expert optometrists in Battersea have extensive experience in the fitting of a range of contact lenses, from standard to complex lenses we love to see our clients see the world with more clarity with their new contact lenses.

We believe that there is almost always a lens out there for you, so whether you’ve been told you have a prescription that is too high or tricky to be a suitable candidate for contact lenses, come and chat with us to see what we can do for you.

The reality is that there are very few people who are genuinely unsuitable candidates for contact lenses, so visit our opticians in Battersea, London, to find the perfect lenses for you.

A typical contact lens fitting with Taylor-West & Co opticians in Battersea will contain the following:

  • Initial consultation:
    Our optometrists will complete a highly accurate eye assessment which includes careful measurements and scans of your corneas. We will also take the time to talk about your lifestyle, current visual needs, and lifestyle – such as if you look at screens for a majority of the day. This session will also include the trying of some lenses and, once we’ve found a perfect fit, we will order some of them for you.
    Some of our lenses need to be custom-made in the UK or the US, so they may arrive in as little as a few days or as much as three weeks.
  • Collection appointment:
    Once your lenses arrive at our opticians in Battersea, you’ll have the chance to try them out again and see if they work as planned – if not, we’ll re-order your contact lenses with the appropriate modifications.
    If your contact lenses are perfect for you, we’ll teach you how to put them in your eye, remove them, and look after them so they remain sanitary. Additionally, you’ll be able to take them home to try out in the real world to see if they really are satisfactory.
  • Follow-up / Second collection appointment:
    From here, you’ll have had the chance to try out your new contact lenses. You’ll need to come back to our opticians in Battersea so that we can monitor your progress with them and see how you’ve been getting on. If there have been no issues, you’ll be able to keep them and return in 2 months for another check-in. If there are problems, we can modify them for you or try a different kind of lens that is more suited to your eyes.
  • Second follow-up / Third collection appointment / Regular check-ups:
    If you require it, your second follow-up and third collection appointments will follow the same route as before until we find the perfect contact lenses for you. Once the fitting is completed and you’ve received your perfect lenses, you’ll need to come back to our opticians in Battersea for a checkup every six months so we can see how you’re getting on.

The entire fitting process can be completed in as little as two visits, however, it can take months before we find the right lenses together. Once we’ve found them, though, and following your monthly check-ups, you should be able to wear your new contact lenses comfortably.

Pricing for contact lens fitting is as follows:

  • Standard contact lens refit (existing wearer) £120
  • Standard contact lens fitting (new wearer) £200
  • Complex contact lens fitting eg. multifocals (new or existing wearer) £300
  • Eye examination + contact lens aftercare (with OCT and Optomap) £205
  • Contact lens aftercare £80
  • Ortho-K fitting from £300
Learn how contact lenses can work for you

Beautiful Hand-Crafted Spectacles

We think our range of designer frames is the best you can possibly get – and we believe you’ll think the same.

Although this may sound obvious, we believe that the very best spectacles come from brands that specialise in the manufacture of spectacles. Rather than purchasing from high-fashion brands with mass-produced frames, we stock a wide range of spectacle frames from renowned manufacturers located in Japan, France, Italy, Germany and the UK.

The superior quality of our selection of spectacles will truly speak for themselves and, with the proper care, love, and maintenance, they can seriously last you a lifetime.

Which manufacturers do we stock?

Try the Taylor-West & Co Way of Seeing

The health of your eyes is extremely important so, if you’ve noticed a change in your vision or you’ve got a concern regarding the health of your eyes, book your private eye test in Battersea with Taylor-West & Co.

The hospital-grade equipment we use in our practices is able to detect any current or potential eye health conditions and changes years before high street eye tests. Our team is proud of the highly comprehensive and personal services they provide – with all eye examinations only being completed by highly qualified optometrists.

Book your private eye consultation

Meet the Battersea Team

Az Art

Az Art

Based in Battersea

 I have worked in optics for more than 25 years in some of London’s best practices, with many progressive years honing my craft at Auerbach & Steele, but also as a consultant on design and build of eyewear, and in wholesale.

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Shirelle Poge

Shirelle Poge

Based in Battersea

Having covered various roles in optics, from optical assistant through to fully qualified dispensing optician and practice manager, I learned quite early on that I really enjoyed helping people and was fascinated by how the eye works.

Read More

Darlynn Yapp

Darlynn Yapp

Based in Battersea

In 2009, I spent my birthday on a flight from Malaysia to the UK. I was set on pursuing a degree in Optometry at Cardiff University. Many birthdays later, I still find myself fascinated by what the field of optics and optometry has to offer.

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Shalona Pillay

Shalona Pillay

Based in Battersea

I love spending time with people, listening, investigating, and problem-solving. Thankfully, this is what I do all day as an optometrist.

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Yolanda Guijarro-Cazorla

Yolanda Guijarro-Cazorla

Based in Battersea

After I qualified as an optometrist in Spain in 1996 and worked in several independent practices, I decided to move to UK in 2001 in order to study a master’s degree in Optometry. It was during this period when I developed a keen interest in contact lenses, specialising in contact lense fitting and dry eye. I qualified to practice in UK in 2002 and since then I have been working as an optometrist at independent practices.

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Getting to Battersea

We are a 10 minute walk from Clapham Junction or 20 minutes walk from Clapham South station. We are well served by local buses, and there is plenty of pay-by-phone parking in the surrounding residential streets.

68 Northcote Road, London, SW11 6QL | 0207 9244488