As a general rule of thumb, we recommend booking an eye examination at least every two years in order to allow us to continue monitoring and tracking the health of your eyes over a long period.

During your appointment with us, you’ll also have the opportunity to discuss any hereditary risks to your eye health and sight in order to discuss whether you should be having more frequent eye tests.

If your optometrist has no concerns when it comes to your vision and your eye health, you’ll be recommended for your eye test every two years. However, if you do have any concerns that arise within those two years, such as an increase in headaches or a change in vision, then please do visit us at any time.

We believe the Taylor-West & Co eye examination is the most comprehensive and thorough eye test available to date. We pride ourselves on being upfront with our costs, and you’ll never be subject to any hidden charges or tier system that enforces an increase in your costs. Furthermore, if you need to repeat a test or have a referral letter written; it’s all included in your eye examination fee.