As  a student attending a university you will not necessarily be eligible for a NHS funded eye test.

However, if you’re a full-time student in the UK and are aged between 16-18, you may be entitled to an NHS funded eye examination once every two years at NHS registered opticians.

How Often Should Students Get Their Eyes Tested?

Everyone should have their eyes tested at least every two years or as advised by their optometrist.

Due to the demands of student life on the eyes and vision it is imperative that students have regular eye examinations.

Even if you don’t have spectacles  you should still monitor any changes to your vision and arrange a visit to your opticians should you notice any new symptoms.

How much is an eye examination at Taylor-West & Co?

Why Do University Students Need Eye Tests?

As a student, your eyes are under constant strain. From catching up on your reading with books using tiny fonts, to constant screen use for your work and social life – your eyes simply don’t catch a break.

If you are a student, getting your eyes tested regularly offers more than just peace of mind. Whether your visual prescription has changed, or you’re experiencing problems with your eyes, we can ensure that any problems are caught early and corrected.

Why should you get your eyes tested?

  • Constant screen use is very demanding on the eyes.
  • Having the correct spectacle prescription helps prevent headaches and eyestrain.
  • Eye examinations can detect conditions you may not realise you have, such as cataracts, glaucoma and more up to five years before symptoms begin to show
  • To check if you meet the legal requirements to drive or operate other vehicles
  • Your eyes can’t be replaced

Do University Students Get Free Eye Tests at Taylor-West & Co?

Taylor-West & Co is a private optician, meaning we do not offer NHS-funded eye tests for any demographic. However, choosing Taylor-West & Co as your primary optician does come with a number of benefits – such as receiving the most comprehensive eye examination that can detect problems with your eyes up to 5 years before symptoms begin to occur.

We also offer the Taylor-West & Co Care Plan where, for just £9 per month for spectacle wearers and £13 per month for contact lens wearers, you will be able to receive our comprehensive eye tests as often as you need them, a number of discounts on our eyewear, and some further generous benefits.

How much is an eye examination at Taylor-West & Co?

Why Students Choose Us

We use £120,000 worth of highly specialised hospital grade optical equipment which guarantees a highly comprehensive eye test able to detect signs of eye disease and other issues up to five years before conventional methods.

Today’s students stare at screens non-stop. Viewing a computer screen places incredible demands on the visual system and can cause a variety of symptoms including: headaches, eyestrain , blurred vision, neck and shoulder pains and dry eyes.  So, in order to provide a cost-effective means of protecting your vision, we developed the Taylor-West & Co Care Plan.

Not only does the Taylor-West & Co care plan enable unlimited access to our fantastic eye examinations anytime you need them, but you also receive generous discounts on our beautiful range of eyewear.

Book Your Private Eye Test at Taylor-West & Co

Our main concern here at Taylor-West & Co is the health of your eyes and, as students tend to look at screens and read more than the average person it is imperative to take good care of your eye health.

We highly recommend coming for your eye examination at least every two years to check your overall eye health and make sure your current prescription is working for you.

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